Nov 25

Things We Can Expect From Science Today And Beyond

Remember when we were kids and we’d look at science books talking about planets and the possibilities of the future from visionaries in sci-fi was exciting? We all knew the Internet was a boon to accessing these topics we’d like to know about. Luckily, we’re here in this age, and we get to know that by the following year:

Supernova By 2016

In the first few months of 2016, a supernova will appear in the sky. According to the Hubble Space Telescope, it would be similar to the supernova we experienced in 2014.

The Refsdal Supernova in 2014 is bound to do the similar thing in 2016, which is to showcase something really beautiful.

Reusable Space Rockets

By this time, Blue Origin, a space tourism company run by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, had accomplished a historic launch and landing of a rocket that could be reused after journeying into outer space.

This was a reaction to the early concerns of scientists about space missions being expensive due to expendable and expensive resources. Bezos’ rocket is one-of-a-kind, something that Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk must beat sooner or later!

Asteroid Gold Mine

Advanced technologies built by researchers in Vanderbilt and Fisk Universities in Tennessee uses a gamma-ray spectrometer that can detect almost all elements inside an asteroid or any type of object while using minimal power to do so and even at current temperature.

Asteroid gold mines can be seen by the new spectrometer. Despite the presence of several cosmic rays, the new technology can detect gold.

Now, we just have to wait for someone to create space mining as an industry!

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Sep 29

Supermoon Triggers Extreme Flood Warning

It is common knowledge that the moon controls the tide levels of the world. In the UK, the Supermoon, the time where the moon comes closest to the earth, can cause huge swells in the tide which could bring huge floods in the United Kingdom.

Meteorologists expect waves to be higher than usual. Flood warnings have been issued in different areas of the United Kingdom including Swansea and Somerset. Almost every coastal town may face higher waves that could disrupt habitation.

Ten Day High Pressure

Over the next ten days high pressure flooding can possibly happen but is likely low due to good weather conditions. The Environment Agency’s Interim Executive Director of Flood and Coastal Risk Management John Curtin said there’s no need to panic.

The National Tidal and Seal Level Facility said:

“Other astronomical factors can cause tides to be larger than average.

“The tides are slightly greater when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, at perigee.

“The angle of the orbit of the moon to the equator, its declination, is another factor.”

Flood Alerts

Autumn stores could stir up large colossal waves. Fragile decent weather could change at any minute, leaving the Met Office and local authorities on watch.

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Jul 27

Michigan Now Has A City Of Ghost Cars

In what might appear as being close to the movie I Robot, Michigan now has a city that has plenty of mobile and fast robots delivering people to and fro. In an experimental way of course.

MCity is a 32-acre site that recreates Michigan’s roadways to serve as the testing ground for driverless car technologies. The technology is ramped up by technologists and governments worldwide because it can cut fatal auto crashes by 80%

Deserted and only a handful of people maintaining the city and performing the tests, MCity does have the façade of a downtown Michigan city with a bookshop and café painted to look like real places.

According to the Michigan University Transportation Research Institute Head Peter Sweatman, MCity will allow researchers to prove that autonomous vehicles are safe and will prevent plenty of accidents in the near future.

“MCity is all about accelerating the process of getting connected and automated mobility out on the public roads … and we’ve designed it specifically so we can learn very fast, and then get systems deployed,” he said

With 11 signalized intersections, a railroad crossing, a tunnel and a short freeway with on and off ramps, the roads prove challenging for self-driving cars.

Most research focus on seeing if the cars will recognise pedestrians. The cars will have to stop or else it would mean the failure of the test.

City officials said the project costs about $10 million to recreate the real-world playground to ensure the perfection, or at least the stable performance of autonomous vehicles today and in the future.

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May 27

The Awards For The Most Bizarre Home Cure Tips Go To These Five!

Health issues? Did you know alcohol could help? Vodka, particularly. Oh, and licorice also does some wonders. After reading this, maybe you’ll find it isn’t too strange to do these tips at all!


  1. Vodka Is For Foot Odour

Having some smelly problem inside your socks? Soap wouldn’t work on it. What you need is Vodka. But no, you won’t drink it. Instead, your feet will.

Wipe your feet using a vodka-soaked washcloth and you could get rid of the stench. Vodka, being an antisepctic, allows you to destroy odour-causing fungus and bacteria. So better get those germs drunk!

  1. Pencil

Having that drilling feeling in your temples? You don’t need more aspiring. You just need a pencil.

Place a pencil between your teeth. Don’t bite the pencil. When you feel a headache, you automatically relax your jaw muscle and it helps prevent the pain.

  1. Bad Breath? Yogurt!

Live bacteria in yogurt are good bacteria. They help with your digestion. But apparently, studies show it’s more than just digestion that they could help you with. Yogurt’s bacteria could crowd out bad bacteria, which helps disperse their population, and also your bad breath.

  1. Listerine Is For Gashes Other Than Your Mouth.

Listerine should be in tip number 3 right? But it wouldn’t be strange now, would it? Listerine could be used for blisters to kill bugs especially when you don’t have germ-killing alcohol (or vodka).

  1. Licorice For Your Callouses

Callouses and corns are quite painful, but did you know liquorice sticks could help save the day? Mix them with half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly after grinding them up and you’ve got yourself an ointment for the sores.

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Mar 25

The Evolution of Educational Technology [Infographic]

Today, the world is all about facilitating the process of things. The evolution of educational technology, made quicker by the Internet and communications technology, has shifted the means of education from the classroom to the bedroom.


Early on, the use of email groups had allowed many educators to facilitate education even at home. Virtual online universities provide quality education, including certification, through the Internet.


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Jan 25

The Three Ways You Could Use Vinegar To Clean Things

White and Apple Cider Vinegar aren’t just tasty condiments and cooking ingredients.Because of their acidic properties, they’re very good house cleaning materials. No need to go out and buy some specialty cleaning substances. Vinegar could help you clean things off from the following.

  1. Cleaning Off Ballpoint-Pen Marks

Walls with ballpen stains could have been caused by some moments of personal frustration, or because your child is running around bored and drawing on your walls. Vinegar is one solution to remove these stain marks. Just use full-strength vinegar and dab a cloth or sponge against it.

  1. Cleaning your Scissors

Stainless-steel scissors could have some gunk trapped on it. Water could only wash it off, but it could also rust them. Vinegar could clean them off. Use full-strength white vinegar and then dry it off with a rag or dish towel.

  1. Furniture Rings

See those white rings dotting the coffee table. Wood furniture is often the victim of these water rings. Using white vinegar, use an equal mix of white veingar and olive oil and dab it with a soft cloth along the wood grain. Another soft cloth should shine it up. This could also work with leather, but you should use full-strength white vinegar.

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Nov 27

The Many Ways You Could Use Baking Soda

Just because the label reads “baking” doesn’t mean baking soda functions as just that. Baking soda has so many uses, from helping clean the house to ensuring that you’re a healthy human being. Here are the many ways you could use it.

  1. Toothpaste

Bakign soda paste is flavourless and mintless, but it could clean your teeth the best way flourides can. You could add mint to it, but you get the same results, without the added chemicals too.

  1. Facial Scrub and Body Exfoliant

An invigorating facial and body scrub made from 3 parts baking soda to one part water saves you time, money and also saves the environment.

  1. Harsh Deodorant

Baking soda paste could help neutralize body odour

  1. Antacids

No capsules nearby? Relieve your heartburn, sour stomach and acid indigestion with baking soda.

  1. Itchy Skin

If you can’t scratch it, it’s going to be bothersome the entire day. A paste of baking soda and water salved onto your itchy patch helps neutralize the nerves that keep you itching.

  1. Hair

Sprinkling a small amount of baking soda with your shampoo makes your hair cleaner and shinier. Aside from baking soda, you could use vodka and vinegar too!

  1. Freshen Closets

Your closets might smell like mothballs. By placing a box of baking soda on the shelf, you could keep your closet smelling

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Oct 27

Eight Caricatures That Show the Absurdity of Popular Culture.

Regardless whether you’re a hipster or anti or contra-culture, pop culture is here to stay and either please or madden you with its qualities.

Pop culture has always been a big bit of fun for many critics and netizens because of the many ways people disagree or tend to want to improve upon the original idea. In this post from Flavorwire, many different pop culture icons get their caricatures that mock the mockery imposed by their presence.


Read the full post here.

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Sep 17

3D Printers: Revolutionary Technology for Today and the Future

It was only in cartoons we saw absurd-looking machineries producing items, such as an entire house or a car from out of nowhere. Today, that absurd idea is becoming true with 3D printers. They are here to stay, and have accomplished so much as to print out concrete houses in China and shelter mud huts in Africa.

According to recent history, 3D printing development began in the 1990s, and the technology today is just at its very young state. Despite the limitations, it was able to produce so many designs by just using specific raw materials.

For example, even fashion designers are using the machine to design and manufacture an impossible look of a pair of shoes, dresses or even jewellery. For medical applications, medical technologists are using the technology to design prosthesis or even use stem cells to produce new, fully-functioning spare organs for people.

So far, only five 3D printers with full functionality are available worldwide. Most technologists are positive that like paper printers, 3D printers will become a mainstream, home component.

Most are positive that people could download recipes and print food using the right raw materials. The 3D printer can become a hardware shop’s best attribute, allowing them to produce custom screws for different needs, increasing their sales and audience.

The world has yet to see the full power of 3D printers and its capability to change how the world lives.


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Aug 25

Why Coin Can Be Revolutionary in this Lifetime

Coin, a credit card that holds all other credit cards you might have, is delayed release until 2015’s spring. As all the excitement of both benefactors and fans grew as the release date this year closed in, it was with reluctant pleasure that Joshua Sherman had to apologise to them, removing the $30 fee for beta testing. Despite its disappointing delays, why would you want to make use of Coin?

1. Coin is the Future
Coin is not a credit card, but a digital device that stores all information about your credit and debit card costing around $55 to pre-order. It brings simplicity to the modern wallet because now, you just need a small card-like device to pay for things. It is how the future worlds of endless numbers of science fiction had described every transaction.

2. Convenience
Once Coin sorts out its problem with EMVs, it should sail smoothly towards its release. EMV is the new technology introduced by credit card companies that help reduce likelihood of identity theft by requiring customers to provide a passcode for the use of their cards. It is possible Coin’s delay is simply because of the EMV. Once implemented, security of wallets and instant payment ala Bitcoin or even Paypal is now possible.

3. Anonymous Transactions
Once EMV becomes implemented, the transaction of each credit card becomes unique, ensuring anonymity for other users except between the buyer and retailer. It provides better security if Coin can adapt to EMV. Not only do you have a slimmer wallet, but you also have less trouble with identity theft and fraud.

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