Apr 14

Will it Be Beautiful to Live in a World With Balkanized Internet?

The internet radically changed the world because of its lightning fast speeds in transferring information from one place to the other. Networks transfer information into different areas of the world. However, because of the spying activities of the United States, many countries have tried to put some restraints in the way information is transferred from one place to another. This led to fears of the splintering of the world’s networks, or the balkanization of the internet.

Would it be beautiful to live in a world with networks that will require official access from government monitors before it comes through? Maybe not because changes in the information will distort the truth as the “raw” data is yet to be seen. The internet the world enjoys today is as raw and truthful as it could be, not unless corporations have sponsored several blogging or news website for use to their advantage.

Balkanized internet will also affect the evolution of the technology. Issues in China regarding Microsoft finally retiring Windows XP has many users worried since the country has not migrated to the newer operating systems due to China’s closed-door policies. If this happens everywhere, the world’s internet may evolve at a very slow pace.

In the end, the world will slow down. Small businesses will also lose their opportunity to reach out to larger markets. In the end, privacy is still a high price in the name of progress.

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Mar 12

Why It Is Possible We Might Have AI’s As Intelligent As in “Her”

The Spike Jonze movie “Her” had a subtle sci-fi setting that still looks like our present, but the artificial intelligence “Samantha” and others like her made all the difference. She had a human-like capability to feel and understand, which drove the movie plotline to metaphysical proportions. It is possible that in the near future we have someone like Operating System Samantha.

Today, with the advent of self-driving car experiments and a speculated release time of 2020, these vehicles use information from all their surroundings using a data cloud that helps them drive people to their destination while minimizing travel time and ensuring fuel efficiency. With enough data collected from different personalities of people through social media, an artificial intelligence developer with access to such can create something like Samantha.

In the movie, Samantha said that she was created based on the personalities of her developers. But with social media, it becomes a better, advanced type of artificial intelligence.

However, it would be a very large undertaking because its development will be violating certain privacies as it uses social media, personal behaviour and other personal information from certain individuals.

However, looking at the development of artificial intelligences that detect voices and analyse data, such as Apple’s Siri, which acts like a personal assistant, only personal intuition is left for developers to give to AIs before we reach the first OS1.

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Feb 19

Self-Driving Cars Might Mean the Slow Decline of Car Accident Compensation Claims

The IHS Automotive survey said that by 2020, the world will be seeing the first generation of self-driving cars. According to the IHS, these new self-driven cars will ensure at least 75% collision free roads and better optimization of fuel and vehicle resources. This might mean a challenge for no win no fee accident claims management companies and other legal solicitors.

Less troubles mean less headaches for many people, but some people’s headaches are other people’s businesses. The self-driving car makes use of currently existing sensor technologies such as side sensors and artificial intelligences that make use of GPS maps to get to different places. They also have connected car technologies that have them communicate with other vehicles for traffic efficiency.

Human error is a factor of car accident compensation claims. When we’re drunk, erratic driving can result to the loss of one or many human lives. Emotional response to bad traffic or unethical driving of other motorists could lead to disasters that can be costly and life-changing.

But still, the early days of self-driving cars are just about to start and claims management companies will certainly have their hands full trying to resolve many accidents from failed prototypes and first-generation cars.

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Feb 07

The Internet’s Future: Three Things You Might See Happening

In the 90s, nobody knew that the Internet would grow a social network capability that would help flourish the internet marketing industry. During this time, websites were scattered and nobody expected that Google is a groundbreaking website indexing tool that allows users to find the information they need instantly. In the near future, the internet could bring about the following features.

1. Better Content
The internet’s connection speeds will inevitably quadruple or even triple in the next ten years. A 15MBPS right now could be the minimum speed of an internet connection at an affordable price. This means better content is on the way, such as higher definition streaming, faster international gaming and other new services made possible by the faster transfer of information.

2. Live Personal Documentaries
Along with the synchronized development of technology, people may create documentaries of themselves instead of writing blogs. In the future, blogs may still be famous as they are timeless as diaries, but more people may make use of personal documentaries to show the world who they are.

3. Internet in Your Appliances
With further developments in touch screen technology, your appliances could also have a sync feature similar to your smart devices. This helps them have a schedule for the things you need using the internet and based on your preferences. Aside from appliances, touchscreen technology could allow you to access the internet at any time anywhere with a touch screen surface.

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Jan 08

What To Expect In Popular Culture in 2014?

Every year, technology improves as hypothesized by Moore’s law. Every year, people’s lives also become better or worse. Pop culture slowly becomes different as every aspect and detail of everyday life affects the demand and tastes of people. Here’s what you could expect in popular culture in 2014.

1. Decentralized
The growing number of mobile internet devices, expanding data plans and “Smart” TVs connecting to the internet and allowing people to view videos from the internet in high quality, will make entertainment decentralized. This means that both independent and company-based artists, musicians and actors will have their own share of the popularity pie in the world.

2. Personalized
With more internet services integrating personalization that provides suggestions to consumers regarding the media or information they would like to access, more people would know of cultural events and popular icons through the internet. All suggestions by famous networks and servers will be based on the previous preferences of their users.

3. Interactive
Today, touchscreen games on portable internet devices are a whole lot of fun. Technology in 2014 allows for a very immersive gaming experience. Graphics would greatly improve, along with a ton of other features that a few decades ago people will not have imagined.

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Dec 23

A Weird List of Bizarre Nazi Arsenal Developed During WWII

Aside from gruesome human experiments and the genocide performed on prisoners of war by Germany during WWII, experimental weapons were also developed by their science and technology teams to aid the war effort. Some of them have worked, some of them did not see the light of day.

1. Heinkel He 162
The He 162 was a jet fighter with its concept coming straight from an aircraft design competition with German civilian architects. The aim of the He 162 research was to find a defensive aircraft that is easy to mass-produce and could be flown by inexperienced fighters. However, it turned out to be more complicated. It was made out of wood and only used a metal fuselage. It had 116 completed from production with only a fraction gaining proper flight.

2. Junkers Ju 332 Mammut
Similar to the He 162 fighter, the Mammut was made of wood. The German army was looking to replace the material used for conventional German cargo planes. The Ju 332 was designed to be a glider with a 60 meter pair of wings. It was first flown in April 1941, but it became impractical because it could not carry much weight.

3. Fiesler Fi 103R
Before the dreaded V-2 rocket was developed, a renowned German SS officer Otto Skorzeny designed a piloted version of the V-1 rocket, which, during its time, always crashed upon take-off. However, it didn’t see the glory of war because suicide jet planes downplayed the “German Warrior Tradition”, which does not glorify suicide.

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Nov 21

UK Banks Suffer the Consequences of PPI Claims Influx

The increasing numbers of PPI claims in the United Kingdom is far from giving banks the financial breather they need to survive the harsh industrial climate brought about by the failure of their incentives and workplace systems. Lloyds had recently allocated an additional £750 million to their total refund bill, having them the biggest UK bank to have accrued PPI mis selling.

Lloyds Banking Group has its bill on £8 billion, more than half of the total PPI bill at £14 billion. Next to Lloyds, RBS had announced an additional £250 million for mis sold PPI refunds, having them a total of £2.6 billion for PPI redress. HSBC had added less than a billion to their PPI compensation pot.

PPI is a policy designed to repay loans and mortgages when consumers get sick or have an accident. Because of the intent to increase work volume for incentives, many bank employees mis sold the insurance to ineligible consumers. Anyone who was mis sold PPI could know the total refunds they can get through the use of a PPI calculator online.

The influx of PPI claims, born about by the calls to action by claims management companies and advertisements, had banks blaming the claims managers for increasing the financial industry’s administrative costs due to fraudulent claims.

As the Financial Ombudsman reaches its one-millionth PPI complaint, experts speculate that the entire PPI bill could reach more than £20 billion in the following year.

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Nov 21

Bizarre Religions Existing in the World Today

Religion, superficially, is defined by the actual rites performed by its members and the more tame and peaceful it is, the more society can access it. Religion helps individuals understand that they are not alone, but sometimes, some beliefs just turn out to be too unrealistic and borderline bizarre for sanity.

1. Scientology
Scientology is probably one of the most famous “modern day” religions existing in the world today. Rooting from Dianetics, the Church of Scientology has castes where lower-level members cannot access certain truths of such faith because it could harm them. Scientology believes in the story of Xenu, who was an alien ruler of the Galactic Confederacy and the Xenu brought billions of people to Earth in spacecrafts.

2. Nation of Yahweh
While particularly harmless, it had become a controversial religious group of African-Americans because it is an offshoot of the Black Hebrew Israelites and are known to promote black supremacy. It was founded by Hulon Mitchel Jr. in 1979. Called Yahweh ben Yahweh, followers accept him as the Son of God, which makes their beliefs unique and distinct.

3. Universe People
In Czech, a religious movement called the Universe People or Cosmic People of light powers exists. Its beliefs are rooted on the existence of extra-terrestrial communities that communicate to the religious group’s leader, Ivo A. Benda. Other “contacters” have been added to the list. Benda said that the civilizations operate a fleet of spaceships led by Ashtar Sheran, which orbits the earth and helps the good and transports their followers into another dimension.

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Nov 01

Real Facts That Are Greatly Horrifying

Celebrating All Soul’s Day without a scare? You have come to the right place! Here are real facts that would leave your spine tingling forever.

1. Vampire in the 1890s
A father during the 1890s had almost his entire family die because of tuberculosis, which was only identified as a specific infection called consumption at that time. Their last daughter were infected and had died in 1892. Priests talked about the family’s history being one of the family members as a vampire because majority of the family was involved with a disease. The father dug up all the families’ buried bodies and cut up the heart of Mercy, whose body did not decompose.

2. Recipient of a Suicidal’s Heart Kills Himself
A 69-year old man received a heart transplant from a man who committed suicide. The man shot himself in the head, which left his heart in one piece and was in a perfectly good condition for the 69-year old man. However, the recipient met the suicidal’s wife and they fell in love and became married. The case gets creepier when the circumstances of the old man’s suicide was the same as the donor’s suicide.

3. Storage Wars With Dead Bodies
A famous TV show called “Storage Wars” in the History Channel has one of its leading characters, Darell, found a storage unit in one of his auctions having had a corpse inside the unit he bought. Darell recalls the body was found in plastic and he was interviewed to see if he was not the suspect. It was found the dead body was the wife of the previous owner of the locker.

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Oct 14

How the UK PPI Claims Refund is Helping the Economy

Economists said that UK consumers who had successfully reclaimed their PPI refunds are actually contributing to the well-being of the UK’s economy. Figures from the Office of National Statistics show that from late 2012 to the second half of 2013, car sales have increased and consumer activity is gaining momentum.

The total UK PPI bill is around £11 billion and currently earmarked for £12 billion. In 2011 and 2012 alone, £4.8 billion was paid back to consumers. Economists said that PPI refunds were the equivalent of 1% increase in the UK’s GDP.

PPI was mis sold by financial companies in many different ways, you could know more about how you might be mis sold PPI by consulting with a PPI calculator company near you.

Experts are saying that PPI refunds are better than quantitative easing, and tax returns and reductions because consumers physically use the money. Having something tangible actually helps improve consumer confidence and activity instantly.

The ONS said that there were many car registrations between 2012 and 2013. Within 16 months despite the UK recession, car registrations jumped to hundreds of thousands. In June 2013,the ONS noted a 13.4% increase in the number of car registrations, going up to 215,000 newly-purchased vehicles.

If you want to know the total amount of compensation you could possibly have, consult PPICalculatorCompany.org.uk and other claims management companies for a precise estimate.

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