Mar 25

The Evolution of Educational Technology [Infographic]

Today, the world is all about facilitating the process of things. The evolution of educational technology, made quicker by the Internet and communications technology, has shifted the means of education from the classroom to the bedroom.


Early on, the use of email groups had allowed many educators to facilitate education even at home. Virtual online universities provide quality education, including certification, through the Internet.


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Jan 25

The Three Ways You Could Use Vinegar To Clean Things

White and Apple Cider Vinegar aren’t just tasty condiments and cooking ingredients.Because of their acidic properties, they’re very good house cleaning materials. No need to go out and buy some specialty cleaning substances. Vinegar could help you clean things off from the following.

  1. Cleaning Off Ballpoint-Pen Marks

Walls with ballpen stains could have been caused by some moments of personal frustration, or because your child is running around bored and drawing on your walls. Vinegar is one solution to remove these stain marks. Just use full-strength vinegar and dab a cloth or sponge against it.

  1. Cleaning your Scissors

Stainless-steel scissors could have some gunk trapped on it. Water could only wash it off, but it could also rust them. Vinegar could clean them off. Use full-strength white vinegar and then dry it off with a rag or dish towel.

  1. Furniture Rings

See those white rings dotting the coffee table. Wood furniture is often the victim of these water rings. Using white vinegar, use an equal mix of white veingar and olive oil and dab it with a soft cloth along the wood grain. Another soft cloth should shine it up. This could also work with leather, but you should use full-strength white vinegar.

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Nov 27

The Many Ways You Could Use Baking Soda

Just because the label reads “baking” doesn’t mean baking soda functions as just that. Baking soda has so many uses, from helping clean the house to ensuring that you’re a healthy human being. Here are the many ways you could use it.

  1. Toothpaste

Bakign soda paste is flavourless and mintless, but it could clean your teeth the best way flourides can. You could add mint to it, but you get the same results, without the added chemicals too.

  1. Facial Scrub and Body Exfoliant

An invigorating facial and body scrub made from 3 parts baking soda to one part water saves you time, money and also saves the environment.

  1. Harsh Deodorant

Baking soda paste could help neutralize body odour

  1. Antacids

No capsules nearby? Relieve your heartburn, sour stomach and acid indigestion with baking soda.

  1. Itchy Skin

If you can’t scratch it, it’s going to be bothersome the entire day. A paste of baking soda and water salved onto your itchy patch helps neutralize the nerves that keep you itching.

  1. Hair

Sprinkling a small amount of baking soda with your shampoo makes your hair cleaner and shinier. Aside from baking soda, you could use vodka and vinegar too!

  1. Freshen Closets

Your closets might smell like mothballs. By placing a box of baking soda on the shelf, you could keep your closet smelling

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Oct 27

Eight Caricatures That Show the Absurdity of Popular Culture.

Regardless whether you’re a hipster or anti or contra-culture, pop culture is here to stay and either please or madden you with its qualities.

Pop culture has always been a big bit of fun for many critics and netizens because of the many ways people disagree or tend to want to improve upon the original idea. In this post from Flavorwire, many different pop culture icons get their caricatures that mock the mockery imposed by their presence.


Read the full post here.

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Sep 17

3D Printers: Revolutionary Technology for Today and the Future

It was only in cartoons we saw absurd-looking machineries producing items, such as an entire house or a car from out of nowhere. Today, that absurd idea is becoming true with 3D printers. They are here to stay, and have accomplished so much as to print out concrete houses in China and shelter mud huts in Africa.

According to recent history, 3D printing development began in the 1990s, and the technology today is just at its very young state. Despite the limitations, it was able to produce so many designs by just using specific raw materials.

For example, even fashion designers are using the machine to design and manufacture an impossible look of a pair of shoes, dresses or even jewellery. For medical applications, medical technologists are using the technology to design prosthesis or even use stem cells to produce new, fully-functioning spare organs for people.

So far, only five 3D printers with full functionality are available worldwide. Most technologists are positive that like paper printers, 3D printers will become a mainstream, home component.

Most are positive that people could download recipes and print food using the right raw materials. The 3D printer can become a hardware shop’s best attribute, allowing them to produce custom screws for different needs, increasing their sales and audience.

The world has yet to see the full power of 3D printers and its capability to change how the world lives.


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Aug 25

Why Coin Can Be Revolutionary in this Lifetime

Coin, a credit card that holds all other credit cards you might have, is delayed release until 2015’s spring. As all the excitement of both benefactors and fans grew as the release date this year closed in, it was with reluctant pleasure that Joshua Sherman had to apologise to them, removing the $30 fee for beta testing. Despite its disappointing delays, why would you want to make use of Coin?

1. Coin is the Future
Coin is not a credit card, but a digital device that stores all information about your credit and debit card costing around $55 to pre-order. It brings simplicity to the modern wallet because now, you just need a small card-like device to pay for things. It is how the future worlds of endless numbers of science fiction had described every transaction.

2. Convenience
Once Coin sorts out its problem with EMVs, it should sail smoothly towards its release. EMV is the new technology introduced by credit card companies that help reduce likelihood of identity theft by requiring customers to provide a passcode for the use of their cards. It is possible Coin’s delay is simply because of the EMV. Once implemented, security of wallets and instant payment ala Bitcoin or even Paypal is now possible.

3. Anonymous Transactions
Once EMV becomes implemented, the transaction of each credit card becomes unique, ensuring anonymity for other users except between the buyer and retailer. It provides better security if Coin can adapt to EMV. Not only do you have a slimmer wallet, but you also have less trouble with identity theft and fraud.

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Jul 17

The Health Benefits of Thinking Positively

Some people say that upon death, people have a choice to continue living despite their complications or submit themselves to eternity, before they actually pass away. The body is capable of many things, including quick and miraculous recoveries from anything, but the mind and heart decides the fate of one’s health. When you think positively, you could reduce the possible health issues you could have.

1. Positivity is Like for Like
When one thinks in a positive manner, they also attract individuals and positive things that happen in their lives. If you continue staying positive about your job or your projects, you could attract positive outcomes. The law of attraction can work in your favour if you believe in yourself.

2. Better Relationships
Focusing on the positive aspects of your partner or people in your team helps you build better relationships. Most people just focus on the bad side of a relationship, whether a serious one, or one based on friendship. When you ignore people’s defaults and see the positive side of their person, you can create great relationships as well.

3. Stress
You could easily de-stress yourself if you remove negative thoughts in your head. Having negative thoughts is an unnecessary burden; get rid of them as they will leave you helpless. With good quantities of positive thoughts, you could remove the stress from your life completely. It will also help you see that all your problems are great sources of strength and opportunities.

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Jun 18

Some of the Most Interesting Kickstarter Projects in the Planet

Innovators all over the world are flocking to crowd-funding website Kickstarter to fund projects that have become impossible for capital-driven investors to digest. Listed here are some of the best Kickstarter projects that have a prototype, and some already distributed to contributors and are in stock.

1. Hexo+
Selfies are invading the internet and GoPro had allowed many athletes, musicians and ordinary people to use the camera to allow people to see their point of view. However, Hexo is a different story. The team developed a hovering device run by six rotors and can follow its user quickly with a speed of 45 MPH. Imagine you playing a third person or first person video game in its shots. Yes, it is that awesome.

2. E-Paper Watch
The Pebble E-Watch has become famous because it is fully customizable and allow you to download applications on your smartphone, both Android and iOS. The apps help monitor your heart rate and act as a pedometer. It also delivers messages from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

3. Form 1
New age 3D printer technology was once an absurd idea, but Form 1’s developers saw $2 million when they only needed $100,000 to develop their inexpensive 3D printer. High end 3D printers are still costly, but this one really beats the mainstream competition.

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May 19

Between Happiness and Meaningfulness in Life

In a scientific view of things, researchers at Stanford University have made a comparison of happiness and meaningfulness in life. On a common standpoint, a person wants to pursue a happy and meaningful life, but the research indicates that happiness is selfish, and meaningfulness focuses on looking at the past, present and future, which makes the experience different from each other.

Finding meaning in life, according to the study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, is looking to the past for accomplishment and the future for goals, and achieving this is not a happy experience. Happiness, according to the psychological study, focuses on being more of a “taker” than a “giver.”

Every kind of occupation has pressure and difficulties, which could cloud the happiness and objective of the person, having them feel unhappiness and stress. But those unconcerned with life’s meaning find that they are more concerned about themselves rather than the past or future, in short, they find no direction or purpose for their lives.

Jennifer Aaker, a social psychologist who co-authored the study, said that meaningfulness meant being more of a “giver” than a taker.” Sticking with a happy life, which means all desires are met and needs are given without much difficulty, is that it leaves people unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead. The one who prioritizes meaning is built to endure, with a direction and goal while molding him or her into something capable of handling virtually anything.


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Apr 14

Will it Be Beautiful to Live in a World With Balkanized Internet?

The internet radically changed the world because of its lightning fast speeds in transferring information from one place to the other. Networks transfer information into different areas of the world. However, because of the spying activities of the United States, many countries have tried to put some restraints in the way information is transferred from one place to another. This led to fears of the splintering of the world’s networks, or the balkanization of the internet.

Would it be beautiful to live in a world with networks that will require official access from government monitors before it comes through? Maybe not because changes in the information will distort the truth as the “raw” data is yet to be seen. The internet the world enjoys today is as raw and truthful as it could be, not unless corporations have sponsored several blogging or news website for use to their advantage.

Balkanized internet will also affect the evolution of the technology. Issues in China regarding Microsoft finally retiring Windows XP has many users worried since the country has not migrated to the newer operating systems due to China’s closed-door policies. If this happens everywhere, the world’s internet may evolve at a very slow pace.

In the end, the world will slow down. Small businesses will also lose their opportunity to reach out to larger markets. In the end, privacy is still a high price in the name of progress.

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